Ahad, 29 Mei 2011

3 Strange Stories. Is A Ghost Behind It?

1) One morning, I remember thinking: "My hair is a mess. A clip would help."
I looked in the mirror, brushed my hair and walked away. At this time I forgot about the clip and walked in to brush my teeth. That's when it happened. A clip. Which I didn't see slide toward me, flew out across the floor and hit me in the foot. I looked down and was speechless. I live alone. How could this happen? I picked it up and put it in my hair and to this day, I try to debunk it with someone kind of energy, or magnetic field. All attempts failed.
2) I had just got a dog. Her name was Cocoa, and she grew accustomed to sleeping in my bed.
One night, I heard a strange humming sound toward the foot of the bed and clutched my dog tighter.
Her ears pricked forward and she jolted up from her spot. I was beginning to feel scared.
Now, Cocoa is the sweetest dog ever and she looked straight into the corner of my room, growled like a guard dog and ran toward the spot. I hopped out of bed and watched, frozen, as Cocoa lunged at the wall and growled and barked.
My other pup, Molly, refuses to this day to go into the basement. And she only sleeps downstairs, and looks into other rooms with such intensity it freaks me out.
(By the way I just heard a weird knock from upstairs and a footstep)
The sounds are getting worse!
I'll keep going though.
3) Another night I invited my best friend over. She slept on the bed and I slept on the other end.
I woke up and looked down to see a sight that made me scream SO loud it woke up my neighbors (They called the house.) '
On the floor, a frightened looking man with ghostly (Just heard a gasp) pale skin gasped and when I blinked he was gone.

by emmawolfgirl...

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